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Notice what is going on around you and how you respond to it. Deliberately choose your actions aligned with your JOY!


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Join me, Donna Sparaco, with Lauren Archibeque and Sandra Aguilera among a group of like-minded women to learn about keys of DATING — personally and in your business life. Find out more.


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Set Your Dial to JOY!

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One of her favorite photos says a lot about Donna—her personality and her philosophy  ​#LAUGHwithMeNotAtMe

Know Your Why

Donna Sparaco shows how knowing your why makes it all happen. Daily Dose A Donna. Set Your Dial to JOY.

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Heard on the Street: What People are Saying

​”Donna is fun-loving and full of life. She’s funny and she’s a goody two shoes. She a helper… she’s caring, she’s a girl scout. Just look up the girl scout creed and that’s Donna! We love her. She’s an inspiration as well.”

Kenyatta T

“When I think of Donna, I think that she’s enthusiastic, fun-loving, a true friend, and she reminds me of the things that are important in life. She knows the value of being a true girlfriend and has reminded me how important it is to have that in your life”

Doni S

“Donna is no-nonsense! She is fun to be around and man is she funny. She is a published author, an amazing friend, an incredible wife to Pietro, and mom to Luigina… and frankly, she is real. She’s honest to a fault. She loves people and helping people. It just doesn’t get better than that!”

Michelle W

DATING - It's Not Personal

Develop your self and find your Direction. 

Align your self with your Authenticity. 

Try new things and Train. 

Improve your skills with Inspiration. 

Now is the time to build your Network. 

Go forth and get your Goal.

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