Set Your Dial to JOY!


Donna Sparaco is a dynamic and energetic leader who turned her Girl Scout philosophy into her mission to step up, step out, and assist others to do the same. Her encounters in the dating world paralleled her experiences interviewing for work. Donna realized that in business and in personal encounters, the best way to get ahead was to be authentic, interested, and stay out of the outcome.

Her philosophy has three pillars: Proactive, Reactive, and Interactive. Donna became a member with LegalShield to be proactive in protecting herself and setting up others for success.

Donna is reactive to her dating experience by publishing her well-known book: Dating—It’s Not Personal. Read and realize that dating and interviewing—and all forms of networking—have many common facets. Learn to enjoy the journey.

Finally, Donna is interactive bringing you unplugged, unscripted Daily Dose A Donna with tongue in cheek humor, authentic messages encouraging everyone to deliberately, intentionally set your dial to joy!

Everyday life events happen without notice. Let’s face it. Traffic tickets, accidents, divorce, mama drama, baby drama, tenant-landlord issues. Life changes are never-ending… set yourself up to succeed and enjoy the journey in the process.

Donna provides workshops to assist women (and men) to get out and meet suitors, partners, and/or clients while having a good time in the process!

When is NOW the right time?

Photography by Christine Lowell

  • ProActive 100%
  • ReActive 50%
  • InterActive 75%
  • Joy 100%