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If there’s one thing you must do, it is to protect you, TODAY!


Being an Independent Associate with LegalShield gives me the time and freedom to seek out my other passions. Because we are structured like insurance, there is residual income which was a deal-maker for me when looking for my next career.

Not only does the mission of our company speak to my Girl Scout philosophy, but I have found that we’re changing the way people think. We’ve been taught and actually trained not to use an attorney unless we are in trouble. We’ve been conditioned to believe that lawyers are for the wealthy.

But just like Uber, Netflix and AirBnB, LegalShield brought legal access to the masses by using an app! And it’s not just any attorney, but top quality AV rated attorneys are at your service!

It’s so exciting to be a pioneer in this field at a time like this! People are realizing that it will cost them NOT to have LegalShield! Be proActive and take charge of what matters to you!